To the Staff and Caregivers at Courtyards,
Our family wishes to thank you for the wonderful care you have provided for our mother, Evelyn Roberts. You kindly helped her through her transition five years ago, and each transition thereafter. You provided warmth and cheer during each holiday. I personally was able to be there with her during those times when she could no longer be with our family. The BBQs, lunches and Christmas parties were outstanding.
The Roberts Family

To the Caregivers at Courtyards,
I personally want to give each of you a special hug. I was there often and realized how difficult your profession can be, yet you carried on with your duties in a professional manner.
Thank you.

To Courtyards,
You were there to sort out patiently whatever situation arose, and always with a big smile. I hope the love and care you gave to our mother will be returned three-fold when the day comes that you will need a caregiver.
Hugs from our family,
Judy Birge

Dear Courtyards,
This month my mother, Eunice VanderMeer, was transferred to Reflections. I wanted to let you know how extremely pleased with the way everything was handled. Her behavior changed dramatically in a short period of time, but making the decision to transfer her seemed to be made with a slow and thoughtful process. The primary focus was concern for her mental and physical well-being as well as helping me through the transition. I realize this was difficult for the administrative staff and caregivers. I would like to thank each and every person who has been a part of my mother’s care.
With sincere thanks,
Bonnie Lee Fowler

To the Courtyards Staff,
I don’t know where to start, but you had a resident, Stephen Evanglista. I am his girlfriend and main caregiver. He passed away, sadly, but I feel the need to call to your attention what a great service your caregivers did for Steve and myself. Your staff were of great help, always caring and professional. I feel they should be commended due to the work they do, which is never easy.
I am grateful,
Debra Lopez